Whether you need residential waste removal in Southport, NC for a home renovation project or storm damage clean-up, construction debris removal or any kind of commercial waste removal services, Priority Waste will be there to help. We offer same day service, so you don’t have to wait days on end for a cleaner, greener property!

We offer a variety of waste removal services in Southport, including small demolition jobs, site clean-up, and recycling. With different sizes of roll-off construction dumpsters available, we have just the size for your needs. We provide Southport construction waste removal services, with prompt removal of construction debris, but also offer our Southport commercial waste removal services to hotels, landlords, schools, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, apartment buildings, warehouses and more.

In addition to our many residential and commercial waste removal services in Southport, we also offer rentals of compactors that help minimize odors and keep waste under control.

The Benefits of Hiring Waste Removal Services

Having a ton of yard waste or junk around a house or business can be challenging to get rid of by yourself. Hiring professional waste removal services can give you the professional support you need. Whether it’s for storm cleanup, construction, or hoarded trash, there are a lot of benefits to appointing these kinds of experts.

Proper Disposal

Businesses, especially offices, have a lot of old computers and other kinds of technology that you can’t simply throw away or handle easily. The same goes for any damaged appliances or TVs that you want to remove for any home improvement projects. A professional team can safely discard technology in a way that doesn’t endanger the environment, you, or your workers.

Saves You Time and Money

In certain instances, removing trash by yourself can certainly save you money. However, with materials such as construction debris, the costs of appropriate transport and needing extra hands to carry cumbersome materials can add up. All of these additional factors will take more time to organize yourself than if you hired waste removal services already trained for the task at hand.

Health and Safety

Managing waste yourself can also be dangerous because you could potentially get:

  • cuts
  • bruises
  • allergies or illnesses
  • respiratory issues if dealing with construction or chemical wastes that affect the air around them

Experts have the right training and safety equipment to handle debris without anyone getting hurt.


Construction waste isn’t like typical yard junk, which is why you need a professional who knows what he or she is doing. You can trust that waste removal businesses know the specifics of removing all kinds of garbage, debris, and other materials. Trash removal workers can identify and organize junk in various ways that will help make the process go faster.

Visual Appeal

Even if you’re not interested in home renovation, garbage and debris in and around the house can look unsightly. The same goes for businesses because it can produce a hazardous and unhealthy atmosphere for your workers and clients. Once experts remove all of that garbage, the difference will be like night and day.

For those managing a construction site, don’t put your employees in danger by having them remove the debris themselves. Call Priority Waste to inquire about our services. We’ll be able to set up an appointment with you and clear away your junk or debris as soon as possible.

For timely and reliable waste removal in Southport, NC, contact Priority Waste today!