Why Rent a Grapple Truck?

Have you ever heard of a grapple truck? If you’re faced with a load of construction debris, messes left by natural disasters or any sort of bulky waste, grapple trucks could be a major help. Our company provides waste removal services using one of these convenient trucks so that you can get rid of waste quickly and easily.

What Is a Grapple Truck?

A grapple truck uses a grapple loader to pick up bulk waste from above and drop it into a collection container. Some of these trucks have a boom crane and a mechanical claw in front of the container, and both sections are attached directly to the truck. Other trucks have rear loaders and transfer waste into a nearby vehicle. In any case, these trucks conveniently grasp debris and transfer it without any need for a human being to physically lift or carry the waste.

Why Would You Need a Grapple Truck?

Grapple trucks come in handy in all sorts of situations. On construction sites, for instance, a grapple truck can easily pick up waste materials, including sharp metal and heavy wood, safely. These trucks can be ideal for use in neighborhoods with streets too narrow to accommodate traditional garbage trucks and roll-off trucks. Businesses may need grapple trucks to haul away debris from construction projects or cleanup efforts.

Even homeowners can make good use of grapple trucks. If you’re remodeling your home, for instance, you’re likely to end up with a lot of waste material. You could rent a dumpster, but then you’d have to carry and load all the waste yourself. This may not be safe. With a grapple truck, you can leave the debris in piles, and the truck can simply pick it up, deposit it in its own container and haul it away.

If your home has been damaged by a natural disaster, you may also want to hire a grapple truck to facilitate the cleanup efforts. Grapple trucks can pick up and haul away everything from large appliances, old furniture and household fixtures to tree branches and stems. They’re flexible vehicles that can handle thousands of pounds with ease while keeping construction workers, homeowners and the truck’s operator safe.

Priority Waste's Grapple Truck

Priority Waste, Inc. offers a 28-yard capacity grapple truck that can pick up everything from yard bags (which we provide) to debris from 8-yard containers, curbsides, job sites, driveways and parking lots. You can contact us for one-time jobs or regularly scheduled service. We can easily handle all your bulk waste collection needs in Wilson, NC, Southport, NC and the surrounding areas.